How FREE remote support works:

Existing customers may use this simple form to trigger a remote support task. 

I offer FREE remote support on a first-come-first-served basis and will do my best to resolve ANY computer issue on the same day that the remote support task is requested.  I usually sit down and go through my support calls after 4pm although I do collect support messages throughout the day and may be able to assist you sooner.

In order for the remote support task to be completed, your computer needs to be switched on and connected to the internet (not in standby or sleep mode) and also unlocked. You also need to have ANYDESK installed, this is represented by a diamond icon on the taskbar (bottom right hand side of your desktop screen) . You can safely enter your login password or startup pin (if appropriate) in the support form if you are happy for me to unlock the computer on your behalf.

If you prefer, you can call or leave a message for me on the number below.

Michael Mansfield 

01425 291 669

07895 919 876


Download Anydesk